Raatior Ventures is a Hawaii-based consulting enterprise to build organizational capacity and relevance to support Micronesian educational, social, and technological needs.

We Build Partnerships for Social Good

Raatior Ventures is home to a diversity of projects and services to support education, healthcare, community development, and economic empowerment:

  • Social Enterprises – Raatior Ventures provides technical assistance to support non-profit organizations specifically those that support self-sustainability of indigenous people living in geographically remote islands in the Pacific.
  • Educational Consulting – Raatior Ventures specializes in educational consulting for schools that serve Pacific Islander students specifically from the Micronesian region.
  • Web Design – Raatior Ventures provides web design to empower non-profit organizations, grassroots community movements, social activists, schools, and small businesses in the Pacific.

We Are Rooted in the Pacific

Raatior Ventures was founded by Vid Raatior, an educator by training and a social entrepreneur by vocation. Originally from the Northwest region of Chuuk State in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Vid and his wife Desha and their two kids live in Hilo, Hawaii. Vid works at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo as the Director of the Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC). Previously, he was at Santa Clara University as Assistant Director for International Programs and Associate Director for their Center for Multicultural Learning. He served as a teacher and administrator at Xavier High School in Micronesia. For more information, visit his personal website: www.vid.raatior.com