Raatior Ventures is a Hawaii-based enterprise focusing on educational consulting, social entrepreneurship, and web design to support the success of Pacific Islands. Founded by Vid Raatior, we are passionate about supporting educators, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations in the Pacific Islands and working with them to help them develop and grow.

Programs & Services

Raatior Ventures is home to a diversity of projects and services to support education, healthcare, community development, and economic empowerment:

  • Social Entrepreneurship – Raatior Ventures raises funds and provides technical assistance for self-sustainability for the indigenous populations living on geographically remote islands in the Pacific through our Fanapi Foundation.
  • Educational Consulting – Raatior Ventures specializes in educational consulting for the most disadvantaged schools located in the geographically remote outer islands of Micronesia.
  • Web Design – Raatior Ventures provides web design to empower non-profit organizations, grassroots community movements, social activists, schools, and small businesses in the developing Pacific island nation of Micronesia through our Atawe [web] Design.
  • Social Movement – Raatior Ventures empowers social and political movements in Chuuk State by engaging the youth through the Chuuk Reform Movement.
  • Blogging – Raatior Ventures blogs to bring awareness to a range of issues in Micronesia.
  • Humanitarian Support – Raatior Ventures supports global humanitarian aid to local needs needs in Micronesia specifically the outer islands through our Fanapi Care program.


For more information, visit his personal website: www.vid.raatior.com