SHIP-HOOPS for Chuukese youth


Project: SHIP - HOOPS Type: Nonprofit Location: Chuuk, FSM URL: This is a project that is near and dear to my heart as it supports the SHIP-HOOPS non-profit organization that was co-founded and led by the late Keitani Graham. Kei, as he was fondly called, a former student of mine and friend and inspiration to so many Chuukese youth was tragically taken from this world in December, 2012, not long after returning from wrestling in the London Olympics representing the FSM. … [Read more...]

PREL is hiring a consultant for Chuuk DOE…again?


The education consultant who was hired in September to reside in Chuuk and guide the on-going implementation of the Chuuk Education Reform Plan (CERP) has quit. Unconfirmed reason: frustrations. His sudden departure is a setback in an already problematic and painfully slow implementation of the CERP. The stakeholders; namely, the Pacific Resources for Education & Learning (PREL), Department of Education (DOE), the Chuuk Board of Education (CBOE), the Office of Insular Affairs (OIA), and more … [Read more...]

Teach for Micronesia – Survey


Teach for Micronesia (TFM) is being developed as an independent, non-profit organization with the mission of ending education inequity in the Pacific Island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Modeled after the highly successful Teach for America program, TFM aims to recruit college graduates from Micronesia and the United States to serve as paid teachers for two years and placed in high need public schools throughout Micronesia. Please help us take the quick online … [Read more...]

Chris Lang, MFT


Project: Chris Lang, MFT Type: Business Location: Santa Cruz, CA URL: This website is for Chris Lang, MFT, a newly licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Cruz, CA., who wanted a website to match her new private practice.  The design began with her description of what inspires her as a person: "I definitely enjoy the energy of a zen room and space.  Clean fine lines with details and calmness.  With things being more in a square concept rather than round.  I … [Read more...]

NY Jesuit Provincial’s Response Leaves More Questions Than Answers


Fr. David Ciancimino, SJ, the New York Jesuit Provincial recently responded to our petition on to keep Fr. Francis X. Hezel, SJ, in Micronesia where he has done so much work and continues to do so. His public response which is published on The Fourth Branch website leaves much to be desired. In fact, it seems to prove what the new Jesuit pontiff, Pope Francis has condemned about the Jesuit Order and the Catholic Church's focus on "small minded rules" which the Pope says, is driving … [Read more...]

Petition to Keep Fr. Francis X. Hezel, SJ in Micronesia where he is Needed


We have launched an online petition on addressed to the leaders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Micronesia, New York Province, and the world on behalf of Fr. Francis X. Hezel, SJ.,  a Jesuit priest who has lived and faithfully served the people of Micronesia since 1963.  He has been a faithful priest, stellar educator, prolific author, respectful historian, inspirational mentor, and spiritual director to countless Micronesians. Yet, against his will and for no logical reason, Fr. … [Read more...]

Happiness Takes… Practice?


The following is a reflection that someone recently shared on FB. I think it's worth re-posting here as it serves as a good reminder to us all that happiness is not something that magically happens to us.  According to Cindy Holbrook, happiness happens to people who practice in their lives these 21 habits. Twenty plus one. That's it? Or that many? Can we boil these habits down to one underlying habit? Happiness is knowing that my family is OK. 21 Habits of Happy People By Cindy … [Read more...]

Northwest Educators Set 10 Regional Priorities


httpv:// I've just returned from a week at Xavier High School in Chuuk, site of my first teaching years, to co-facilitate the Northwest Educators Summer Training (NEST) for over 70 public school teachers and principals and leaders from the poor and geographically remote Northwest Unified Schools. While the NEST was funded largely by the Chuuk State Department of Education (CDOE), this first-ever community led regional training was the first in Chuuk that was … [Read more...]

Things Pacific Islander Students Must Know Before Starting College!


A college education is a big investment in money, time, energy, and resources for any high school graduate. For the Pacific Islander students who are afforded the chance to leave the relative calm of their home islands in pursuit of a college degree, this experience is both a privilege and a daunting task. It brings honor to the family, but can also become a collective shame for failure to attain the degree. This reflection is meant for newly graduated high school students from the Pacific … [Read more...]

We Know Our Problems, Now What?!

httpv:// This video, Dare to Imagine, challenges us to re-imagine innovative ways to tackle global and local problems. It is also applicable to rethinking strategies for solving problems in education in Chuuk. The film was part of the Skoll World Forum which brought together changemakers to problem-solve pressing global issues and address solutions. The forum topics were summarized in the article, "10 Ideas Driving Social Entrepreneurship" re-printed below from … [Read more...]