Let’s do THIS!

I lost exactly 4 pounds this week. 254.8. How did I do it? By going against my usual excuses this week: "No Time To..." This week my goal was to carve out MY me time in the early morning when everyone is still asleep at home. For me, this week was about 5 AM waking, 5:30 out the door on a 30-minute walk/run at least 3 days this week. I ended up doing 5 days this week. Small victories. I had to focus this week on focusing itself and on keeping with the Weight Watchers program of tracking what … [Read more...]

Biggest Micronesian Loser

On Saturday, January 5, 2013 I committed myself to be the Biggest Micronesian Loser. That's right, the biggest Chuukese loser in Hilo, HI! For once a Micronesian in Hawaii can actually celebrate being a real loser instead of bemoaning the negative stereotypes of being a big Micronesian and whatever other prejudices we have to endure in the United States. But this is about making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle change to lose weight. After all, a healthy mind will thrive in a healthy body. … [Read more...]