SHIP-HOOPS for Chuukese youth

Project: SHIP - HOOPS Type: Nonprofit Location: Chuuk, FSM URL: This is a project that is near and dear to my heart as it supports the SHIP-HOOPS non-profit organization that was co-founded and led by the late Keitani Graham. Kei, as he was fondly called, a former student of mine and friend and inspiration to so many Chuukese youth was tragically taken from this world in December, 2012, not long after returning from wrestling in the London Olympics representing the FSM. … [Read more...]

Chris Lang, MFT

Project: Chris Lang, MFT Type: Business Location: Santa Cruz, CA URL: This website is for Chris Lang, MFT, a newly licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Cruz, CA., who wanted a website to match her new private practice.  The design began with her description of what inspires her as a person: "I definitely enjoy the energy of a zen room and space.  Clean fine lines with details and calmness.  With things being more in a square concept rather than round.  I … [Read more...]

Chuuk Interscholastic League

Program: Chuuk State Interscholastic League (CSIL) Location: Chuuk, FSM Type: Organization URL: This website was designed for a proposed re-visioning, re-organizing, and re-naming of an existing sports league for the high schools in Chuuk State. We wanted to offer a new approach to moving the interscholastic collaborations beyond sports at the public and private high schools in Chuuk. The schools in Chuuk have been doing amazing interscholastic activities (debates, … [Read more...]

Dale Kietzman Academy

Project: Dale Kietzman Academy Type: University Location: San Diego, CA URL: I was contacted by a Reina, a Chuukese living in Southern California and a volunteer for the Pasadena-based Dr. Dale Kietzman School of Theology. They had a limited budget to get a new website designed for a new campus that is opening up in another state. They had five days to get it designed and launched. I was moved by their sincerity and commitment to global peace through the theology school. … [Read more...]

Northwest Unified Schools

Project: Northwest Unified Schools Type: Public School Date: 2012 URL: The Northwest Unified Schools is an innovative community school system aimed at changing the culture of low performing public schools in the remote outer islands. They are a collection of 17 schools in the remotest part of Chuuk State in the Federated States of Micronesia; namely, the Pattiw, Pafeng, and Namonweito islands with approximately 1,328 students in elementary, junior high, and … [Read more...]

Micronesians United – Big Island

Micronesians United - Big Island (MU-BI) is a Hawaii-based nonprofit organization with the mission of empowering Micronesians for greater self-reliance, and to educate Micronesians and the Big Island community about their respective cultures, rights, and responsibilities. URL: … [Read more...]

Jesuit Education Abroad

Happy to announce the completion of a web design project for the Consortium of Study Abroad programs within the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities (AJCU). This project is a work of love in support of my colleagues in international education in the AJCU network. While I customized the website specifically for the consortium member institutions, each of the program sites will be maintained by a team of web admins from each of the Jesuit schools in the consortium. … [Read more...]

Walnut Avenue Women’s Center

Project: Walnut Avenue Women’s Center Type: Non-profit Completed: 2011 URL: The WAWC is a “public benefit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for women, children, and families in the local community for over 75 years. Through interactive, supportive programs, WAWC seeks to improve the economic, physical, and emotional well being of all families in Santa Cruz County.”   … [Read more...]

Xavier High School, Micronesia

Project: Xavier High School Type: Private School Completed: 2009 URL: I'm happy to announce the completion of the website for Xavier High School, Micronesia. I'm especially thrilled about this project because of my belief and support for Jesuit education in my home country of Micronesia. Having been a Jesuit myself for a good part of my impressionable years, I have some history with this small school. I spent three years as a Jesuit scholastic teaching and managing … [Read more...]