Fanapi Foundation

Founded by Vid Raatior, the Fanapi Foundation is the US-based entity committed to raise funds to support technical assistance to the Fanapi Center and its services to the outer island people in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). As a fiscally sponsored project of United Charitable Programs – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, Fanapi Foundation enables tax deductible contributions by any US-based individuals, organizations, or corporations. Visit website:

Northwest Unified Schools (NUS)

Vid provides pro bono educational consultancy for the Northwest Unified Schools. These are public schools located in the remote outer islands of Chuuk State, FSM.  greatest disadvantage due to inaccessibility to educational resources. Our approach centers around global partnerships with individuals, organizations, schools, businesses to lead programs and services aimed at helping children in the developing outer island communities of Micronesia. Visit website:

Micronesia Dental Support Project (MDSP)

The MDSP was co-founded in 2005 by Vid Raatior, Dr. Barry Staley, DDS and his wife Stephanie Staley, and Desha Staley-Raatior to help the forgotten children in the remote and small outer islands in the Pacific island nation of Micronesia. The mission of of MDSP is to make quality dental care and equipment accessible to the impoverished people in the Pacific island nation of Micronesia specifically the under-served population living on the small and remote outer islands. MDSP brings teams of volunteer dentists to conduct free community dental clinics in Micronesia. Visit website:

Raatior [web] Design

Raatior Design (aka Atawe Design) is a website design venture focusing on the empowerment of non-profit organizations, grassroots community movements, social activists, schools, and small businesses in the developing Pacific island nation of Micronesia and beyond. We pride ourselves in providing quality and affordable web design services for our clients empowering them to access global resources. We believe that these small developing Pacific island nations have a rightful place in the vastly globalized society. While having a website does not in itself solve their problems, we believe it does give a voice and a channel by which the local needs can be connected with the vast array of global resources. Visit website: